The Reservoir Geeks

Chris and Andy circa 2003

Chris and Andy
circa 2003

Chris Durbin and Andy Carl Valentin met in 2003 while both were working as photographers at studio who focused on portraits of children and families. That's right, at one time these two were child photographers. Their jobs as beanie wearing glorified Polaroid cameras ended but their friendship endured and over the years they became the best of heterosexual life partners. Though they no longer worked together in a corporate setting they were dedicated to finding projects they could collaborate on and eventually Reservoir Geeks was conceived.

In 2008 after a failed marriage Andy need something to keep his mind occupied and the duo decided to start a podcast. Amongst friends and family, the podcast was a hit but lacked the outside interest needed to be a success, so in 2009 an executive producer was added. The quality went up by splitting episodes into chapters and the time consuming editing was no longer a concern to Chris and Andy so they were able to focus more on the upcoming episodes. Josh Mazur was added as a third host and the show progressed with now four people on mic, including the show's producer. Things seemed  to be going well but the show seemed cluttered as four people fought for time on an hour long show and after a month long break, the show returned with Chris and Andy as hosts. However, due to personal life conflicts and a lack of free time, Reservoir Geeks gathered dust while things got sorted out. 

In 2011 an opportunity to help  a cinematic landmark presented itself to Chris and Andy. In order to gather more attention to the event the boys blew the dust off Reservoir Geeks to promote the event. The event was a hit and neither Chris nor Andy could deny that the child they had neglected had loved them all along... That sounds stupid.

Chris and Andy had always longed to work together on their own terms and as it would seem, Reservoir Geeks endured as much as their friendship. 

Chris Durbin


Chris is a cornucopia of talent overflowing with photography, music, laughter and much more.
Some people aren't as smart as they let on but quite the opposite can be said for Chris who has lived all over the world and is a decorated artist.

He resided in Dallas with his female counterpart and their dog who is as smart as he thinks he is.