Hey guys! Sorry about missing last week (insert generic B.S. excuse here) but that means you get a double pick this week. Think of it as a chance to throw money at your local comic shop and help a small business out.

 DC's Swamp Thing #3

DC's Swamp Thing

 Dynamite's Army of Darkness Furious Road #1

Army of Darkness Furious Road

 Marvel's Black Widow #1

Marvel's Black Widow

 Marvel's Deadpool #8

Marvel's Deadpool

 Marvel's Old Man Logan #3

Marvel's Old Man Logan

 Marvel's Spiderman #2

Marvel's Spiderman

 Marvel's Uncanny Avenger's #6

Marvel's Uncanny Avenger's


The Walking Dead


Okay, I'm going to start out by saying.... Why mess with Rick Grimes? Why? With that out of the way even with a gimp leg Rick Grimes is a BEAST! This issue Rick slaps around a teenager for attempting to kill him. The kid doesn't realize that it's not Rick's fault his parents died and blames their deaths on Rick anyhow. After Michone stumbles across Rick beating the shit out of this teenager and pulling him off of him Rick informs the kid if he ever screws up again that Rick himself will put a gun to his head and take his life. Well the punk ass kids decides to steal the keys to the jail and convinces Negan to escape with him to inform the Whispers of Rick's plan to build an army and kill the Whispers. Insert Cliff hanger here.

 Marvel's All New and All Different Avengers #6

Marvel's All New and All Different Avengers

 Marvel's Mockingbird #1

Marvel's Mockingbird

 Marvel's Spiderman/Deadpool #3

Marvel's Spiderman/Deadpool

 Marvel's Mighty Thor #5

Marvel's Mighty Thor

 Marvel's Uncanny Avengers #7

Marvel's Uncanny Avengers

 Marvel's All New Wolverine #6

Marvel's All New Wolverine

 Udon's Street Fighter: The Life and Death(s) of Charlie Nash #1

Udon's Street Fighter: The Life and Death(s) of Charlie Nash


Doctor Strange #6


So far the relaunch of the Marvel Universe has been great but the one that has really stuck out for me has been Doctor Strange. So someone has been hunting down sorcerer supremes and killing them, Well guess who shows up at Steven Strange's door? Already weak from a fight he just left, Doctor Strange tries to summon the strength to defeat this murderer by any means necessary. After gathering the despair and depression from close by junkies and people who should be on suicide watch he cast it upon his assailant only to find out that his whole life as a clone has been misery and is not affected by this attack. So Doctor Strange uses his last bit of Magic to make a huge fire/rock golem armor around himself and punches the clone till he blacks out, but unfortunately it wasn't enough, the clone makes his way to his feet and presses his boot heal into Doctor Strange's head.

Well that's it for this week kiddos be sure to check back next week to see what comic loot you should be reading.

Posted on March 10, 2016 .