We are pleased to announce that we will now be hosting a weekly rundown of comics you should be reading in Josh Brimhall's Sub Box. Besides being a freelance comic book artist, Josh is an avid comic book fan, aficionado and connoisseur. We are lucky that he is kind enough to share his knowledge and to also let y'all know what's worth buying.
If you don't see a title you like or have a suggestion for one, feel free to leave a comment here or on Josh's Facebook page. While you're there, give the page a like and possibly win Issue 175 of The Walking Dead with a custom cover by the man himself. HOT DAMN! 

This is where we leave you, from know on it'll all be Josh.
With no further ado, here you go (okay, now it's all Josh... Startinnnng NOW):

Marvel's Daredevil #4

Marvel's Daredevil

DC's DK3:Master Race #3

DC's DK3:Master Race

IDW's Ghostbusters Int'l #2

IDW's Ghostbusters Int'l

IDW's Judge Dredd #3

IDW's Judge Dredd

X-MEN: Worst X-Man Ever

Max Bemis and Michael Walsh are an amazing team. I can't decide if I love the story or the art more, but if for some reason you're not a Marvel fan boy (like myself) I do also recommend Judge Dredd #3 by IDW. After all who doesn't love a man in a uniform. 

Spoilers ahead so read with caution.

So I'm going to give you a quick run down of my pick of the week X-Men Worst X-Man Ever. It opens up with a teen and his friend at school trying to find a compatible girl to be his girlfriend.  After realizing every girl he is interested in is out of his league he comes to the conclusion that there is nothing spectacular about himself, that even the most boring of girls are too interesting for him. After school he goes home to find his parents wanting to have a talk with him. They inform him that they are mutants and that he might be too. This excites him beyond belief that he has super powers. His parents then inform him they must pay Hank Mccoy a visit at the Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters for some test. After a few test at the school Hank Informs Bailey (the teen from the beginning) that his x-gene actually causes him to explode in any size that he wants too..... but after that he can't reform. He has to pay with his life if he wants to use his mutant powers. McCoy still offers him a chance to attend the school which he polity declines. One the way out of the school a sentinel attacks the school killing his parents, this forces him to decide to attend the school after all but is depressed and feels like he doesn't belong there. So smash cut to Jubilee talking him out of his room to show him the school and introducing him to the person building Bailey a exoskeleton so he can train along side the rest of the children, but before he can ask any questions about the armor everyone is pulled away due to a alarm being triggered. 
I really can't wait for #2 to hit the shelves but also disappointed that it's only a five off.

Posted on March 1, 2016 .