20 YEARS OF WES ! ! !

In 1994 a small amount of people were introduced to the vision of Wes Anderson with the short film Bottle Rocket at the USA Film Festival in Dallas. James L. Brooks later saw the short at Sundance and decided it needed to be a feature film. That film was released on February 21st 1996, twenty years ago today. BOTTLE ROCKET!

As we are sure you are aware; Bottle Rocket runs deep though the history of Reservoir Geeks and not simply because we saved a motel. It's a movie we both love. Even our name is pulled from the review that was highlighted at the top of the VHS/DVD box, "Bottle Rocket is Reservoir Geeks. A hip comedy."
In 2009 when we were starting the podcast (yes, we were a podcast) we couldn't come up with a name, then it hit us like lightening. Our first logo was Dignan on a moped and later became the shivering Kumar we all love.
Bottle Rocket showed us all what Wes Anderson had to offer and it continues to be not only one of his best films but one of the best films ever made. No. We are not kidding.

We are not alone...
Enjoy this first chapter (video version) of Matt Zoller Seitz's Wes Anderson Collection. Seitz is one of the lucky few to have seen the short at the USA Film Festival and witness from the very beginning as Wes Anderson, Owen and Luke Wilson and the rest take flight into stardom.
If you have not already done so, grab a copy TODAY!

For now, hold up a Tom Collins or Banana Daiquiri to toast Bottle Rocket and Wes on 20 magical years. We will toast again later this year at the Lovely Soiree at the Bottle Rocket Motel - 20 Years of WESellence!





Posted on February 21, 2016 .