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So it's LOST day, huh... Right... Who cares really?
We do, but not really.

Spoilers if you have not finished LOST but it did end in 2010 so... Bruce Willis was dead the whole time. 

Honestly, LOST was one of, if not, the first show to change the way we now watch TV.
The morning after every new episode you could go over to losteastereggs.com and find a ton of screencaps and information you might have missed. It was also one of the first shows with it's own podcast.
Unfortunately it unleashed two of the worst programming inventions ever on the world; the mid-season hiatus and then the Spring season premiere (usually NINE months after the previous season had finaled*) so fans wouldn't have to deal with the former.

In the end, LOST seemed to fail us by tricking it's fans into thinking it had found answers by answering only questions it introduced in the last season. Perhaps Cuse and Lindelof were to bold to boast that they knew how the series was going to end from the beginning when, in actuality, they only knew Jack would close his eyes.

Or maybe they somehow knew that would suck us in. Either way, all your asshole friends who never saw a single episode and would say "They're all dead and it's purgatory" thought they were right and the storyline was so convoluted that explaining why they were wrong would take well over an hour.
Let's be honest, eyes start to gloss over when you utter the phrase, "Then they go back in time...".

There was an attempt to answer questions on the final DVD released in 2010 and it was good for what it was. Thanks to technology, you can watch it right now!!!


That's great. We still want to know how Walt crashed that bird into the window, who was in that cabin, what's with that statue, where exactly is the island, how does it decide where to move, is the island land or just some kind of machine, who put the wheel under the island, what happened to the Hanso Foundation... So many questions.





*"Finaled" is a now a word.

Posted on April 8, 2015 .