YouTube Cinema


In 1995, you may have stumbled upon a movie such as R.O.T.O.R. or Hamburger: The Motion Picute on basic cable and never see it again.
Well thanks to YouTube, you can see those and more immediately!
Here are four of our favorite movies available on YouTube for you to enjoy this very second!
They may not be the best movies but they are movies nonetheless.

Filmed in Dallas, R.O.T.O.R. follows a mostly dubbed scientist as he tracks down a killer robot traffic cop in this Terminator/RoboCop rip off. Incidentally, RoboCop was filmed in Dallas near the same time, wonder if there was any overlap...


Having been kicked out of every college because he can't stop getting it wet, Russell enrolls in Burger Buster University. Honestly his like a six but by 80's standards, probably an eight. Anyway, see why he made a better choice than going to University of Phoenix in Hamburger: The Motion Picture.


Listen to the Full Queue Podcast featuring this film.

The Super Mario Bros Movie is all the action and excitement of the Super Mario Bros videogame with out any of the story or plot of the Super Mario Bros videogame. This is a grade A stinker you have to see again and again. 




This is The Room... What else can be said but, this is The Room.

Enjoy these classics before whatever studio is responsible for them discovers that they are on YouTube and takes them down. 
There's tons out there. See what you can find and if any of them are as awesome as these, comment and let us know... Or don't and be a jerk. We will still love you.

Posted on April 7, 2015 .