We were first exposed to KLOVN (KLOWN) by the Danish film of the same name that made it's way to the US courtesy of Drafthouse Films
After the first viewing we were in love and told all our friends and family about this irreverent film that was unlike any other we'd ever seen. Imagine, if you will the shock value of Lars Von Trier with the humor of Judd Apatow and Paul Feig.


Now imagine our excitement when we discovered that not only was one of our new favorite comedies a television series but that the kind folks at Drafthouse Films out did themselves once more by making the series available in the US.

The series and film follow the misadventures of Frank Hvam, a well meaning accident prone malcontent, who finds himself eternally in the wrong place at the wrong time. His constant companion is Casper Christensen who keeps Frank busy cleaning up messes and smoothing over indiscretions. Both Hvam and Christensen are playing skewed versions of themselves in the stories as writing/producing partners who are, incidentally, close friends as well.
The rest of the main cast is filled with Frank's girlfriend Mia (played by Mia Lyhne) and Casper's on again off again wife Iben Hjejle (who has starred in American films such as High Fidelity and Defiance).

  (l-r: Frank Hvam, Iben Hjejle, Mia Lyhne, Casper Christensen)

(l-r: Frank Hvam, Iben Hjejle, Mia Lyhne, Casper Christensen)

KLOVN is the reason we signed up for Hulu and one of the main the reasons we have it to this day. Lucky for you, the series and the film is available on Hulu and for purchase at Drafhouse Films.

Lastly, Warner Bros. has purchased the rights to the film and at the time of this post, it is reported that Todd Phillips will direct Danny McBride in a remake that we hope will stay true to the original.

Anywho,; watch and enjoy KLOVN by any means necessary.

Posted on April 6, 2015 .