Vintage Training Videos


We don't remember how we stumbled upon this or how exactly we ended up watching two hours of this stuff. Funny part is that some poor bastard had to sit through one of these and hated every second of it.

We hope you enjoy these and that you learn something from them... Now 409 Chuck E.'s face!

This video is fantastic! Nintendo thought we were equal parts moron and annoying.
Best part is putting the know-it-all customer in his place.

Get ready to feel like Dorthy seeing the man behind the curtain!
"When you're inside Chuck, you have a special job!"

Customers are at it again. Taking their sweet ass time. Patience is taught in this video, as well as tricking those dumb-dumb customers into buying a big cookie.
Who did they think we were?
I want a big cookie now... DAMNIT!

You're telling me I can purchase a DVD quality disc at a fraction of the price, take it home, watch it once and throw it away?!?! That doesn't sound wasteful at all!
DIVX was the way of the future, if it wasn't then why did they keep saying it so much?

If you enjoyed one or all of there, there are plenty more over on the old YouTubes. 
Spoiler: The Chuck E. Cheese ones are the best.

Posted on March 26, 2015 .