Who doesn't like Yoda? No one, that's who.
But little is known of him or his species. In fact even Lucas said that he didn't have a backstory for him. So pretty much what we have in film and literature (now mostly non-cannon) is it.

So here's what we do have. Yoda is an old Jedi... That's pretty much it.
He trained Dooku, Obi-Wan and a handful of others while he was a Jedi... Obviously we know he trained Luke. 

What else?

Oh, he also looked creepy before CGI in Phantom Menace.

There is another of Yoda's species, Yaddle. We know that. A female who also appears in Phantom Menace.
Evidently , she was killed between I and II because ILM had gone so effects heavy with Attack of the Clones they didn't have the time or manpower to animate her.
Thank God we got that stupid fucking floating apple instead.
Seriously, how great would it have been if she helped Yoda fight Dooku. Then Dooku could've killed Yaddle and Yoda could've delivered some awesome line like, "Did it now, you have. Getting it on the reg, was I."
We know Jedi are celibate but come on... Look how cute she is. 

Perhaps Force Awakens will have another of Yoda's species in it. We can only hope and come this time tomorrow, we will know. Until then we must wait. Wait to see what this next chapter holds. 

We have our fingers crossed for a Yoda origin story. Something Lucas had said he would never do, but he also said he was done making Star Wars film and then Disney gave him a billion dollars.
Man oh man, a Yoda movie would be awesome.

We are sure we have missed something. Feel free to lay it out for us.

Until next time, 
May the Force be with you all!

Posted on December 16, 2015 .