We Like This!

There are plenty of videos to see here and they're all awesome!
The thing about the reviews is that they all tend to turn you around on movies you may have once hated. The curator, Cecil Trachenburg, gets film. He views it as an art form and lays out all the hard work that are put into these (sometimes) horrible movies.
We here are a big fan of the Exploring series which lays out an in-depth look into some often overlooked films. 

Here's some of our favorites:

Nathan Fielder is the mind behind Dumb Starbucks that was part of his Comedy Central series wherein he helps business take the next step toward success. Unfortunately, the ideas are mostly ridiculously outlandish but always presented with the most serious of deliveries by Fielder. 
The entire series, including new episodes, are streaming on Hulu or you can watch them live on Comedy Central, but who does that anymore... Cavemen?

These beauts are the physical production of pieces produced by the talented folks over at A Large Evil Corporation. They have figures from Film and TV and are all pieces you will be proud to display in your collection. We have Marty and Doc from BTTF at the headquarters and look forward to expanding our collection soon. We're coming for you Clark Griswold. 

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We hope y'all dig this stuff. We do.

Posted on November 16, 2015 .