If you were anything like us when you were growing up, you read Fangoria, Starlog and the such. You may remember in the back to those magazines they'd have advertisements for all sorts of stuff but most intriguing to us, were the masks.
And the godfather of those masks? Don Post.

Though Don Post did not work in the movie industry, one of his masks was used prominently in one of the most frightening films in horror history. As many know, a Captain Kirk mask was painted white and became the face of the figure AKA Michael Meyers. 


For this Halloween we thought what better way to celebrate than to post some of those awesome old ads and take a trip down memory lane.

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Don Post Studio, for a while, became the go to for officially licensed movie masks.

When Halloween III : The Season of the Witch was released, producers teamed up with Don Post Studios to mass produce the masks seen in the movie, less the spiders and snakes.


If you want to see more masks and even entire catalogs from Don Post Studios and others, check out the Monster Mask Catalog Archive and drown in the awesomeness!



Posted on October 31, 2015 .