Get To The Gray

 Writer/Director Jeremy Lanning 

Jeremy Lanning 

We have been blessed with the opportunity to meet and become friends with some truly talented people. Jeremy Lanning is one such person. His talent for painting a picture through storytelling is what blew us away when we first met him. Naturally, it was only a matter of time before his talent was set loose on the world.
With his project, Get To The Gray, Lanning takes you through a portrait of a psychologist who is retired from the game of "getting shit done" just to be pulled back in. When given no other option than to become part of the game, he joins up and flips it on it's head.
Sounds awesome, yeah? Well, you can't see it yet. It still needs to be made.
And here's how you can help... Kickstarter.
In the 90's independent films thrived to many's delight and envy. If only given the chance, we'd all love to be part of making a film happen. Thanks to the internet and social media all our envious wishes can now become our satisfying realities. 

 Get to the Gray's Cast and Crew

Get to the Gray's Cast and Crew

This is not only a project we are interested in, mind you, it is one we are deeply involved in as well.
Chirs is serving as Director of Photography and Andy is playing the part of the lead's confidant, The Councilor. 
Regardless whether or not we were involved in this project nor were we friends with Jeremy Lanning, this is a project that we would 100% support and promote.
We know that not everyone can become a part of the project through Kickstarter but if you take a look at Get to the Gray and like it enough, we ask that you to be become a part of the project by sharing it with people you know.

Thanks for taking a look at it and we cannot wait for y'all to see the finished product.

Posted on October 25, 2015 .