This has been quiet a week for awesome stuff. Star Wars VII trailer, Back to the Future Day, the Benghazi investigation... Okay, maybe it wasn't ALL awesome, but there was some cool shit, nonetheless. 
We has suspended the blog to focus on the Lovely Soiree this year (which was amazing) and if you haven't checked out the rundown, click HERE
We've also been hard at work getting a catalog of recordings together to launch what we are calling, The Reservoir Geeks Tape Deck. We'll have all that information for y'all very soon.
Chris got hitched! That was huge and awesome news! We're all super happy for those two!
We're looking at setting up a shop here on the site too. Super early stages, but exciting all the same.
Okay, enough with the excuses...

Here's what you can expect from this blog going forward:
- As always we will post Junk We Think You'd Like.
- Cool stuff we find and would like to share.
- Original artwork and random babblings. 
- News and updates about projects we are putting together or are involved in.
- Episodes from the shows on the Tape Deck.
- And whatever else tickles our fancy.

We can't promise there will be any consistency or that you'll always love it but we do promise that we will never simply repost posts from other people. As with everything we will put or most into making it something we are proud of and happy to share.

Thanks for sticking in there with us and we hope you are entertained! 

Posted on October 24, 2015 .