I wanted to start out by saying; this week was a light week, so ye' comic booty be a little short.
Here is what I picked up!

 Image's Monstress #4

Image's Monstress

 Marvel's Deadpool & The Mercs For Money #2

Marvel's Deadpool & The Mercs For Money

 Marvel's Power Man and Iron Fist #2

Marvel's Power Man and Iron Fist

 Variant's Wrath of the Eternal Warrior #5

Variant's Wrath of the Eternal Warrior



So in number five of this six run series, Huck and his mother have been kidnapped and are being held in an a jail cell made to hold the both of them. After being constantly taunted and mocked Huck realizes he can break free of the cell by his mother using her telekinetic powers on him to convince him to break down the wall holding them in. After hurting his hands punching the wall down Huck is finally freed and knocks out the guy pretending to be his brother. It leaves you there waiting for #6 to come out next month. I'm hoping they continue the series after #6 because this is a fun story.

Well happy reading guys and remember to like me on Facebook for a chance to win some secret art at 150 like!

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Hey guys! Sorry about missing last week (insert generic B.S. excuse here) but that means you get a double pick this week. Think of it as a chance to throw money at your local comic shop and help a small business out.

 DC's Swamp Thing #3

DC's Swamp Thing

 Dynamite's Army of Darkness Furious Road #1

Army of Darkness Furious Road

 Marvel's Black Widow #1

Marvel's Black Widow

 Marvel's Deadpool #8

Marvel's Deadpool

 Marvel's Old Man Logan #3

Marvel's Old Man Logan

 Marvel's Spiderman #2

Marvel's Spiderman

 Marvel's Uncanny Avenger's #6

Marvel's Uncanny Avenger's


The Walking Dead


Okay, I'm going to start out by saying.... Why mess with Rick Grimes? Why? With that out of the way even with a gimp leg Rick Grimes is a BEAST! This issue Rick slaps around a teenager for attempting to kill him. The kid doesn't realize that it's not Rick's fault his parents died and blames their deaths on Rick anyhow. After Michone stumbles across Rick beating the shit out of this teenager and pulling him off of him Rick informs the kid if he ever screws up again that Rick himself will put a gun to his head and take his life. Well the punk ass kids decides to steal the keys to the jail and convinces Negan to escape with him to inform the Whispers of Rick's plan to build an army and kill the Whispers. Insert Cliff hanger here.

 Marvel's All New and All Different Avengers #6

Marvel's All New and All Different Avengers

 Marvel's Mockingbird #1

Marvel's Mockingbird

 Marvel's Spiderman/Deadpool #3

Marvel's Spiderman/Deadpool

 Marvel's Mighty Thor #5

Marvel's Mighty Thor

 Marvel's Uncanny Avengers #7

Marvel's Uncanny Avengers

 Marvel's All New Wolverine #6

Marvel's All New Wolverine

 Udon's Street Fighter: The Life and Death(s) of Charlie Nash #1

Udon's Street Fighter: The Life and Death(s) of Charlie Nash


Doctor Strange #6


So far the relaunch of the Marvel Universe has been great but the one that has really stuck out for me has been Doctor Strange. So someone has been hunting down sorcerer supremes and killing them, Well guess who shows up at Steven Strange's door? Already weak from a fight he just left, Doctor Strange tries to summon the strength to defeat this murderer by any means necessary. After gathering the despair and depression from close by junkies and people who should be on suicide watch he cast it upon his assailant only to find out that his whole life as a clone has been misery and is not affected by this attack. So Doctor Strange uses his last bit of Magic to make a huge fire/rock golem armor around himself and punches the clone till he blacks out, but unfortunately it wasn't enough, the clone makes his way to his feet and presses his boot heal into Doctor Strange's head.

Well that's it for this week kiddos be sure to check back next week to see what comic loot you should be reading.

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We are pleased to announce that we will now be hosting a weekly rundown of comics you should be reading in Josh Brimhall's Sub Box. Besides being a freelance comic book artist, Josh is an avid comic book fan, aficionado and connoisseur. We are lucky that he is kind enough to share his knowledge and to also let y'all know what's worth buying.
If you don't see a title you like or have a suggestion for one, feel free to leave a comment here or on Josh's Facebook page. While you're there, give the page a like and possibly win Issue 175 of The Walking Dead with a custom cover by the man himself. HOT DAMN! 

This is where we leave you, from know on it'll all be Josh.
With no further ado, here you go (okay, now it's all Josh... Startinnnng NOW):

 Marvel's Daredevil  #4

Marvel's Daredevil

 DC's DK3:Master Race #3

DC's DK3:Master Race

 IDW's Ghostbusters Int'l #2

IDW's Ghostbusters Int'l

 IDW's Judge Dredd #3

IDW's Judge Dredd

X-MEN: Worst X-Man Ever

Max Bemis and Michael Walsh are an amazing team. I can't decide if I love the story or the art more, but if for some reason you're not a Marvel fan boy (like myself) I do also recommend Judge Dredd #3 by IDW. After all who doesn't love a man in a uniform. 

Spoilers ahead so read with caution.

So I'm going to give you a quick run down of my pick of the week X-Men Worst X-Man Ever. It opens up with a teen and his friend at school trying to find a compatible girl to be his girlfriend.  After realizing every girl he is interested in is out of his league he comes to the conclusion that there is nothing spectacular about himself, that even the most boring of girls are too interesting for him. After school he goes home to find his parents wanting to have a talk with him. They inform him that they are mutants and that he might be too. This excites him beyond belief that he has super powers. His parents then inform him they must pay Hank Mccoy a visit at the Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters for some test. After a few test at the school Hank Informs Bailey (the teen from the beginning) that his x-gene actually causes him to explode in any size that he wants too..... but after that he can't reform. He has to pay with his life if he wants to use his mutant powers. McCoy still offers him a chance to attend the school which he polity declines. One the way out of the school a sentinel attacks the school killing his parents, this forces him to decide to attend the school after all but is depressed and feels like he doesn't belong there. So smash cut to Jubilee talking him out of his room to show him the school and introducing him to the person building Bailey a exoskeleton so he can train along side the rest of the children, but before he can ask any questions about the armor everyone is pulled away due to a alarm being triggered. 
I really can't wait for #2 to hit the shelves but also disappointed that it's only a five off.

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20 YEARS OF WES ! ! !

In 1994 a small amount of people were introduced to the vision of Wes Anderson with the short film Bottle Rocket at the USA Film Festival in Dallas. James L. Brooks later saw the short at Sundance and decided it needed to be a feature film. That film was released on February 21st 1996, twenty years ago today. BOTTLE ROCKET!

As we are sure you are aware; Bottle Rocket runs deep though the history of Reservoir Geeks and not simply because we saved a motel. It's a movie we both love. Even our name is pulled from the review that was highlighted at the top of the VHS/DVD box, "Bottle Rocket is Reservoir Geeks. A hip comedy."
In 2009 when we were starting the podcast (yes, we were a podcast) we couldn't come up with a name, then it hit us like lightening. Our first logo was Dignan on a moped and later became the shivering Kumar we all love.
Bottle Rocket showed us all what Wes Anderson had to offer and it continues to be not only one of his best films but one of the best films ever made. No. We are not kidding.

We are not alone...
Enjoy this first chapter (video version) of Matt Zoller Seitz's Wes Anderson Collection. Seitz is one of the lucky few to have seen the short at the USA Film Festival and witness from the very beginning as Wes Anderson, Owen and Luke Wilson and the rest take flight into stardom.
If you have not already done so, grab a copy TODAY!

For now, hold up a Tom Collins or Banana Daiquiri to toast Bottle Rocket and Wes on 20 magical years. We will toast again later this year at the Lovely Soiree at the Bottle Rocket Motel - 20 Years of WESellence!





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Merry Christmas!


We here at Reservoir Geeks would like to wish everyone of you the most joyous of Christmas wishes. In the event that you don't celebrate Christmas or possibly celebrate it on a different day, we wish you the happiest Friday possible.

Enjoy an hour of 80's commercials!


Merry Christmas!

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Who doesn't like Yoda? No one, that's who.
But little is known of him or his species. In fact even Lucas said that he didn't have a backstory for him. So pretty much what we have in film and literature (now mostly non-cannon) is it.

So here's what we do have. Yoda is an old Jedi... That's pretty much it.
He trained Dooku, Obi-Wan and a handful of others while he was a Jedi... Obviously we know he trained Luke. 

What else?

Oh, he also looked creepy before CGI in Phantom Menace.

There is another of Yoda's species, Yaddle. We know that. A female who also appears in Phantom Menace.
Evidently , she was killed between I and II because ILM had gone so effects heavy with Attack of the Clones they didn't have the time or manpower to animate her.
Thank God we got that stupid fucking floating apple instead.
Seriously, how great would it have been if she helped Yoda fight Dooku. Then Dooku could've killed Yaddle and Yoda could've delivered some awesome line like, "Did it now, you have. Getting it on the reg, was I."
We know Jedi are celibate but come on... Look how cute she is. 

Perhaps Force Awakens will have another of Yoda's species in it. We can only hope and come this time tomorrow, we will know. Until then we must wait. Wait to see what this next chapter holds. 

We have our fingers crossed for a Yoda origin story. Something Lucas had said he would never do, but he also said he was done making Star Wars film and then Disney gave him a billion dollars.
Man oh man, a Yoda movie would be awesome.

We are sure we have missed something. Feel free to lay it out for us.

Until next time, 
May the Force be with you all!

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Less than four days until we know why the hell Luke isn't on the damned poster!
To tide you over, how about a couple of Star Wars movies you might not have seen!

Heads up, they are both rotten with ewoks!

The wait is almost over!

Posted on December 14, 2015 .

Hurry That Force UP!

We are so close to The Force Awakens and we can hardly contain ourselves!
To think, in a matter of two weeks all our questions will be answered and a whole slew of new questions will fill our heads until Episode VIII comes out in 2017.

Just like us, we are sure you will be rewatching the series in preparation.
May we suggest this fan edit by Ron Reynolds, titled Star Wars I-III: Rise of the Empire, to help cut down some time (from 7 hours to 2 hours 45 mins) and the majority of Jar-Jar. 

As December 18th (17th) approaches, we will try and to share some more Star Wars awesomeness we find.

Until then...
May the Force be with you.

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Right off the bat we would like to tell you how thankful we are for you, our fans and supporters. 
2015 has been a great year for us and it wouldn't be possible if not for y'all's continued interest and help.
Sincerely, we thank you.

Here's some stellar Thanksgiving advertising from years past to tickle your fancy.

And speaking of years past, check out these creepy ass floats from the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parades...
To makeup for those nightmare inducing images are a couple of videos of bad ass floats from the 80's!


Before we leave you to eat turkey and fall asleep, pants undone on the couch, we found a couple of Peanut Free Thanksgiving Day specials for you to enjoy. Turkey Caper is from PBS back in 1985 and the other is the 1989 Nickelodeon Thanksgiving Fest Special. The interesting thing about the Nickelodeon special is that it was instrumental in developing Nick Toons which spawned Rocko's Modern Life, Rugrats, Doug and all those other classics. It's weird and a definite must watch.

Well, that's all here. Again, we thank you for your love and support.

*Non-Americans:  Please carry on and
enjoy your regular Thursday activities.
Also, we are thankful for you too.

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We Like This!

There are plenty of videos to see here and they're all awesome!
The thing about the reviews is that they all tend to turn you around on movies you may have once hated. The curator, Cecil Trachenburg, gets film. He views it as an art form and lays out all the hard work that are put into these (sometimes) horrible movies.
We here are a big fan of the Exploring series which lays out an in-depth look into some often overlooked films. 

Here's some of our favorites:

Nathan Fielder is the mind behind Dumb Starbucks that was part of his Comedy Central series wherein he helps business take the next step toward success. Unfortunately, the ideas are mostly ridiculously outlandish but always presented with the most serious of deliveries by Fielder. 
The entire series, including new episodes, are streaming on Hulu or you can watch them live on Comedy Central, but who does that anymore... Cavemen?

These beauts are the physical production of pieces produced by the talented folks over at A Large Evil Corporation. They have figures from Film and TV and are all pieces you will be proud to display in your collection. We have Marty and Doc from BTTF at the headquarters and look forward to expanding our collection soon. We're coming for you Clark Griswold. 

If you'd like to make everyday even more awesome you can follow @KIBOOKIED on Instagram. DO IT!


We hope y'all dig this stuff. We do.

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A Fistful Of Quarters

If you haven't seen this gem, you're in for a roller-coaster ride of emotions.
This was the first feature length film for director Seth Gordon (Horrible Bosses, Identity Thief) and introduced the world to the video gaming underdog Steve Wiebe.
The doc follows Wiebe as he attempts and successfully beats the world record score on Donkey Kong but, like every good hero story, there has to be a villain.

Available on HULU  



Though it is not technically a video game documentary, this shit is amazing!
This film starts at the beginning of pinball history and takes you through the banning of the game to the stable following it maintains with die-hard fans to this day.
If pinball isn't your thing, you'll want a machine by the time the movie is over. Hell, half way through you'll want two, what am I talking about.

Available on NETFLIX



The Movie

Here you get to follow along with independent videogame developers through the highs and lows while they try to get their game off the ground.
In the spirit of Minecraft creator Markus Persson, these gamers take their love to the next level and build what they love. Then they share it with the world.

Available on NETFLIX


The Movie

This movies starts at the beginning of video game history and traverses all the way up to current console and PC gaming.
With interviews from gamers and celebrities alike, this doc shows the love that drives the passion for video games.


Available on NETFLIX



As though the story of Atari's rise and fall wasn't intriguing enough, Game Over follows the game that drew the ax down on the company's neck; ET.
What was once an urban legend of the burial of unsold ET games, becomes a reality as the film follows the discovery, investigation and unearthing of the black-eye that was ET.

Available on NETFLIX


Available on YOUTUBE

Looking For Group

We have never played WOW but that doesn't stop us from being intrigued by the game and even further more by this documentary.
From interviews with developers and fans, this is a great watch. Fun and immersive. And that's just the documentary. Maybe we will have to start WOW-ing it up soon... Maybe.


Well there you have it. The first edition of Recommended Viewing.
Let us know if we missed any, which we are sure we have.


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If you were anything like us when you were growing up, you read Fangoria, Starlog and the such. You may remember in the back to those magazines they'd have advertisements for all sorts of stuff but most intriguing to us, were the masks.
And the godfather of those masks? Don Post.

Though Don Post did not work in the movie industry, one of his masks was used prominently in one of the most frightening films in horror history. As many know, a Captain Kirk mask was painted white and became the face of the figure AKA Michael Meyers. 


For this Halloween we thought what better way to celebrate than to post some of those awesome old ads and take a trip down memory lane.

Click The Ads To Make 'Em Larger!

Don Post Studio, for a while, became the go to for officially licensed movie masks.

When Halloween III : The Season of the Witch was released, producers teamed up with Don Post Studios to mass produce the masks seen in the movie, less the spiders and snakes.


If you want to see more masks and even entire catalogs from Don Post Studios and others, check out the Monster Mask Catalog Archive and drown in the awesomeness!



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Get To The Gray

 Writer/Director Jeremy Lanning 

Jeremy Lanning 

We have been blessed with the opportunity to meet and become friends with some truly talented people. Jeremy Lanning is one such person. His talent for painting a picture through storytelling is what blew us away when we first met him. Naturally, it was only a matter of time before his talent was set loose on the world.
With his project, Get To The Gray, Lanning takes you through a portrait of a psychologist who is retired from the game of "getting shit done" just to be pulled back in. When given no other option than to become part of the game, he joins up and flips it on it's head.
Sounds awesome, yeah? Well, you can't see it yet. It still needs to be made.
And here's how you can help... Kickstarter.
In the 90's independent films thrived to many's delight and envy. If only given the chance, we'd all love to be part of making a film happen. Thanks to the internet and social media all our envious wishes can now become our satisfying realities. 

 Get to the Gray's Cast and Crew

Get to the Gray's Cast and Crew

This is not only a project we are interested in, mind you, it is one we are deeply involved in as well.
Chirs is serving as Director of Photography and Andy is playing the part of the lead's confidant, The Councilor. 
Regardless whether or not we were involved in this project nor were we friends with Jeremy Lanning, this is a project that we would 100% support and promote.
We know that not everyone can become a part of the project through Kickstarter but if you take a look at Get to the Gray and like it enough, we ask that you to be become a part of the project by sharing it with people you know.

Thanks for taking a look at it and we cannot wait for y'all to see the finished product.

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This has been quiet a week for awesome stuff. Star Wars VII trailer, Back to the Future Day, the Benghazi investigation... Okay, maybe it wasn't ALL awesome, but there was some cool shit, nonetheless. 
We has suspended the blog to focus on the Lovely Soiree this year (which was amazing) and if you haven't checked out the rundown, click HERE
We've also been hard at work getting a catalog of recordings together to launch what we are calling, The Reservoir Geeks Tape Deck. We'll have all that information for y'all very soon.
Chris got hitched! That was huge and awesome news! We're all super happy for those two!
We're looking at setting up a shop here on the site too. Super early stages, but exciting all the same.
Okay, enough with the excuses...

Here's what you can expect from this blog going forward:
- As always we will post Junk We Think You'd Like.
- Cool stuff we find and would like to share.
- Original artwork and random babblings. 
- News and updates about projects we are putting together or are involved in.
- Episodes from the shows on the Tape Deck.
- And whatever else tickles our fancy.

We can't promise there will be any consistency or that you'll always love it but we do promise that we will never simply repost posts from other people. As with everything we will put or most into making it something we are proud of and happy to share.

Thanks for sticking in there with us and we hope you are entertained! 

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Well obviously it is far to difficult for us to try to balance the blog while we are working on Lovely Soiree planning.
The blog is not dead but it will be suspended for a wee bit until things settle down.
We are working on a couple of other awesome things for you to have in the near future.

*cough cough* podcasts *cough cough*

Did you hear something?

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On this day in 2002, Chris began working at a photography studio chain.
That location had an assistant manager, Andy.
They hit it off while Andy taught Chris how to perform the company standard photo session.
Chris took what he learned there, did the opposite, and became a successful photographer. 

  Chris and Andy seen here upon a rooftop in Dallas in 2003.

Chris and Andy seen here upon a rooftop in Dallas in 2003.

13 years later and they're still at it!
What a ride it's been.
Here's to 13 more... Wait... That's not nearly enough... 113 more? Damn, now that's far to many.
Fuck it. Here's to the future!

Posted on May 18, 2015 .