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I Ate Those Gyro Loaded Curly Fries at Arby's

A great man once said, “Feels Like an Arby’s night.”


Recently I was struck by the same craving (albeit, midday) and swung by the home of the big ol’ cowboy hat for lunch.
As I walked up, their signage let me know they were offering a limited time Gyro-centric menu and I was intrigued. 


I should specify that Arby’s has offered a Gyro before but the first incarnation was a big disappointment. That previous attempt was just their regular roast beef with seasoning sprinkled on it and stuck into a pita along with the other typical Gyro ingredients. Not surprisingly, half-assing the most unique and important part of a Gyro didn’t bear good results, but the photos on these new signs seemed to show a more traditional Gyro meat which was enough for me to roll the dice. 
I’m glad I did.

03-PromoShot (1).jpg

It was a hankering for my usual order of the classic roast beef sandwich slathered in Arby’s sauce that had brought me in, so opting for the Gyro Loaded Curly Fries as a side instead of the Gyro itself, meant I could have my meat and eat more meat too. And so I did.


Arby’s seasoned curly fries are the unsung hero of the menu 'as is', so the Gyro Loaded version start with a great foundation. What this dish built on top it's fry foundation accented it well- Arby’s Gyro meat 2.0 was fantastic; an authentic lamb /beef combination, tender and seasoned perfectly. It would probably taste good on an old shoe, let alone curly fries. Accompanied by the Gyro standards of tzaziki sauce, diced tomato, and red onion for a kick, it was quite tasty and at the price of $3.99, not much more expensive than a normal large fries.
As good as the loaded Fries were, they did skimp mine on the tzaziki sauce and the oversize pieces of red onion were unproportional to the other toppings before I cut them up, issues fairly acceptable given the fast food origin. It's also worth noting that I ate my fries in the restaurant, but the sealed plastic bowl they came in trapped a lot of condensation so I'm unsure how well they would hold up in a to-go situation.  

Overall, these Loaded Curly Fries were great and the improved Gyro meat is what really stole the show. Next time I might opt for the pita wrap and side of regular fries to maximize the amount of delicious meat, but if you need your Arby’s classic option and want to try the Gyro as well, the Gyro Loaded Curly Fries are a good route to go.

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I Ate Those Triple Melt Items at Taco Bell.

Taco Bell is like the Spencer's Gifts of fast food Mexican places. A place that, in recent years, is more interested in what crazy kind of shell they can make for their tacos as opposed to what goes inside. Seriously. Remember when they used a chicken breast as a taco shell?
This months limited edition offering seems tame in comparison.

FOOD COMPARE tacobell.jpg

Maybe the location I went to didn't mix up enough dehydrated meat and water but the meat was sprinkled on sparingly. It could be due to the price point of $1 each (which didn't seem to hold back Taco Bueno, but who's keeping score...) and maybe because a teaspoon full is company standard. As far as taste went, it was as good as Taco Bell is at it's best. The nachos were missing something and that was sour cream but both tasted very, very familiar. That's when it hit me. The burrito tastes almost exactly like the Cheesy Bean and Rice Burrito and the Nachos exactly like Nachos Bell Grande. Perhaps it was March 25th and they realized their Sour Patch Kids taco shells weren't going to be ready in time so they just repackaged existing items and hoped for the best. Who knows but either way they sure didn't put a lot of effort into this one.
So in closing, if you want "food" for cheap you can get both and a small drink for under $4 but if you want something new and special, skip it.

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I Ate One (Okay More Than One) Of Those Taco Bueno Burgers.

The Bueno Burger has been an item that, until recently, was only available on Throwback Thursdays and anniversaries. This is because it was an original menu item that was eventually removed from the regular menu, again, until recently.
It's an item I would always make sure to pick up when available and, lucky for us all, it is an item available all the time now on the Pick 3 for $3 menu.


Presentation is the only downside to this burger and after you taste it, that is something that can be 100% overlooked. Between the buns is Taco Bueno's taco meat with shredded cheese and their chili sauce. With a price point of only a buck*, I am not ashamed to admit that I will order six at a time (two Pick 3's with an *individual price of $1.59), eat two and save the rest for later. Bueno makes everything fresh and it shows with the burger. The bun is never hard, meat is perfectly cooked and the chili and cheese are what keeps it all together.
Even though it spent so much time as a limited time option, the Bueno Burger has staying power and I hope it sticks around for a while this time. If you are lucky enough to live near a Taco Bueno, pick up three Bueno Burgers and enjoy the hell out of them.

NOTE: I believe they are called "Taco Burgers" but "Bueno Burgers" has a better ring to it.

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We ate some of those new burgers at Sonic

gross burger.png

After seeing the commercial for Sonics new Signature Slingers for the thousandth time, I decided to do everyone a favor and give them a try. Believe me; I really did you a favor. It comes in 2 varieties and I tried them both.

Sonic is trying to appeal to the calorie conscious crowd and offer a full flavor, lower calorie burger. From the looks of things, the decided the best way to cut calories was to make tiny burgers. While they call them Slingers, they are the size of sliders.

The patty is said to be a blend of 100% pure beef, savory mushroom and bold seasonings. To be honest, the flavor wasn’t bad. It did taste like a beef patty, but that’s where all semblances of beef stopped. It was as dry as the pink eraser on a #2 pencil about the same texture. They might be onto something if they are trying to make jerky for the denture crowd.

2018-03-24 13.26.30.jpg

First up was the classic signature Slinger. This was comprised of your standard burger accessories, lettuce, pickles, onions and cheese. They use mayo as the spread but mayo is garbage, so I subbed mustard.

2018-03-24 13.26.40.jpg

I was greatful for the veggies. They seemed fresh and had good texture. More importantly though, they added much needed moisture. Still, I struggles to chew this thing and had to reach for the water numerous times. I give it a generous 2/5

2018-03-24 13.24.07.jpg
2018-03-24 13.23.58.jpg

Next, we have the Bacon Melt Signature Slinger. For $.50 more, they 86 the rabbit food and add some bacon. They really should have left the foliage. This thing was as dry as cotton. No moisture, none. A shot of mustard was no match for the sahara of a burger patty this thing had. The bacon was the star of this show. It was cooked just right, no burnt aftertaste and had good texture. This little guy gets a 1/5 and that’s purely for the decent bacon.

I was very disappointed. I love Sonic. I eat their frequently. They do one of the best drive through,fast food burgers in the biz, but the Signature Slinger is a swing and a miss.

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We Ate Some Of Those Taco Shell Shaped Egg Tacos At Taco Bell.

This morning Brimhall and Samuel ventured out to Taco Bell and grabbed a couple of Taco Bell's new Naked Egg Tacos. Here's how it went...


Samuel Martinez
At $2 each the Taco Bell Naked Egg Taco is something you have to eat to believe. It piqued my interest when it was initially announced. Going in I had no expectations. I was pleasantly surprised buy the initial flavor and presentation one of the rare occasions that it looked like the picture on the menu. The egg left something to be desired it was discolored and over cooked. If I could have it over easy it would have been a tasty mess and would have left me wanting  more. The potato,shredded cheese, nacho cheese, egg, bacon/sausage combo was a good combo and truth be told, felt almost like a meal. I've never been a fan of nacho cheese but this is one of the rare occasions that it worked. It brought warmth and "freshness" to the taco. It was the glue needed to bind it all. Over all I'd give it a 6.5 out of 10.


Joshua Brimhall
My first impression? Ehhhhhhhhhhh... It wasn't fantastic, yet it wasn't bad. After trying the sausage one first I made my way to the bacon one. I do have to say this one was more enjoyable for me. It was something about the bacon mixed with the potato seasoning and nacho cheese that made me favor this one over the sausage one. Just the right about of white trash to hit my taste buds right in the crap factory. I give the sausage one a 5 out of 10 but the bacon one I'd give a 7 out of 10. Would eat again.

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We Ate Seven of Those Fish Sandwiches.

It's that time of year again. When Mardi Gras is over, Ash Wednesday has come, people give up arbitrary things for Lent and Catholics can't eat meat on Fridays until Easter. Coincidentally, fast food joints bust out their fish sandwiches and have them available for a limited time. Because of that we decided to take a fast food dining tour and we called it the FillDAY O' Fish!
Seven sandwiches. Four hours. Two upset stomachs.  
To keep you from making the same mistake we made, we graded each serving on how they compare in apperance to the official photos and how they taste. You're welcome.


The fish is not a fillet as much as it is a thick fish stick. A flavorless, mushy, oily fish stick at that. There was tarter sauce and a ripe tomato with no lettuce unlike the official pic which was the complete opposite. Do yourself a favor and just eat a fart instead. 


At first sight it looked good but that's where it ended. The fillet was thick with little to no flavor that was so greasy it left the bun soggy. As with all other the tarter sauce was good but the lettuce was stale and cut from the butt of the head... Butthead...


This selection was the one we were least excited about and maybe that's how it ended up surpassing our low expectations. Don't let that fool you. It was a greasy mess on a thin greasy bun. The highlight was the pickle. You can get pickles anywhere.


Pretty close repersentation of the official pic with a good taste on fish and veggies. Unfortunatley the fish was really dry and despite the tarter sauce and lettuce it remained dry. Had it not been so dry it would've won the day. Damn shame.


Again, this bad boy rated a lot higher than expected. The epitome of fast food fish fillet, McDonald's knows what they're doing. The fillet was flaky and soft full of flavor and though it was the seventh, we both agreed we'd be okay making it the eighth, too.


A great flaky full flavored fillet that is not greasy or overcooked. The toasted bun was a nice departure from the rest with sesames on top. Tarter sauce, of course but not enough lettuce and a pickle would've been nice. This was not a disappointment at all.


The first of the day and we could've quit there. It's the best fast food fish fillet sandwich you can get. The fish was full of taste with a nice crispy breading on the flaky fish. The bun was toasted but soft and had just enough tarter sauce. Go get one NOW!

So there you have it. Sure, we might have missed a couple but had we been required to eat any more we surely would've died. Half way though the FillDAY o' Fish we both became dizzy and had upset stomachs. Afterward Andy took a nap and Doug spaced out... At their own houses. We aren't that weird. Also Doug said no to a man nap. 
We hope this list helped you make your food choices for the next few Fridays and we wish you all a happy 40 days of fish on Fridays!


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I Ate Some Of Those Taco Bell Fries.


I'm a Taco Bueno fan, a Buenohead as they're known in the community, so it's rare that I run for the border. The rarity comes whenever Taco Bell introduces some new novelty item be it a taco shell made of Doritos or now an excursion into french cuisine.

I imagine that some executive at Taco Bell saw this video and was inspired to appease the self important 20-somethings. If that is the case, good.


For a Taco Bell item, they are quite good and for a fast food french fry... They are really quite good. Thick and a nice crunch. They sort of taste like steak fries but with a hint of something more Taco Belly. I'm only guessing but I think they may dust them with Doritos powder. I also had two of their Loaded Grillers... That's all I have to say about that. I'm not disappointed at all that I had Taco Bell fries and as a Buenohead, that's saying something. 

Run to the Border, grab some fries and then go grab a Muchaco from Bueno. If you don't live in an are with a Bueno... Go eat a Del Taco or something. I don't know what you have near you. That's your thing.

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I Ate Some Of That Mulan Szechuan Teriyaki Dipping Sauce


If you have not watched Rick and Morty you surely have heard of the show and the cultural impact they made last year with the public's demand for McDonald's to re-release their limited edition Mulan movie-tie in promotion Szechuan McNugget sauce. No? Well where the hell have you been?


In the first episode of the third season Rick is taken back via brain-link simulation to the day he created his trans-dimensional portal gun. Before getting to the actual moment he created the gun, he stops at a McDonald's and orders some szechuan sauce and raves about how great it is. By the end of the episode fans took to the internet and begin asking McDonald's to bring it back.
This past October McDonald's introduced their new chicken strips with accompanying new sauces and to promote this, the corporation announced that they would release a limited amount of Szechuan Sauce at a small number of stores. The amount per store? 10 to 20. Fans showed up in the hundred and chaos ensued.   

At the receiving end of the fury was the poor hourly employees who had to not only deal with the endless amount of customers but also their enraged demands for more sauce. Perhaps that is why the employee at the location I visited today told me, "When I saw the six boxes labled 'szechuan sauce' arrive last week, I thought 'oh fuck'". Though the demand might be high, the supply seems abundant and I was able to grab six packs to give it a try. 


I don't know what I was expecting really... Szechuan, after all, is a style of Chinese food, not a flavor. It'd be like if it was called Sauteed Sauce or Slow Cooked Sauce or Bar-B... Oh wait...
The over all flavor is like a teriyaki sauce and not that great of one at that. Great fast food teriyaki sauce is at Panda Express and this does not hold a flame to that but I still liked it all the same. The favorable light is cast from my love for the show Rick and Morty and though this sauce has no direct mention of the cartoon in advertising nor packaging, it's still there. It's current existence is due solely to the fact that it was mentioned on Rick and Morty.
Just know that if you don't like the show, don't watch or never heard of it, this will be nothing special to you. Now that I have had it, I'm okay never tracking it down again. I'll stick with that terrific McDonald's Signature Sauce. Seriously. If you have yet to make that Rick and Morty trip to your local McD's, pick up some of that Signature Sauce in addition to the Szechuan. You won't be sorry. Maybe by season nine Rick Sanchez will be obsessed with that far superior dipping sauce. Until then...

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