Space Oddities - April: Webb Gallery

I decided that once a month in 2018, I’m going to take a quick trip to explore/see/do/hear something weird and unusual in the space around me. I’m calling these Space Oddities and this is April…


At the beginning of the year when I decided to undertake this Space Oddities project, I spent a few hours on Atlas Obscura making a list of places that would fulfill my mission to see some weird stuff. It was there I came across the Webb Gallery in Waxahachie, Texas, and it immediately made my list: Purveyors of fun, culture, and creativity who collect the mysterious, the unusual, and the striking? Sold.


I drove down this past Sunday (they’re only open Saturdays & Sundays from 1-5 pm) and it was such a nice day to get out and explore. The gallery is located just off the main historic square on W. Franklin. There was no sign, but I knew I had arrived from the colorful woodwork facade, the amazing toothpick structures on display in the front windows, and the mannequin-manned ticket booth near the entrance (but does it dispense fortunes like Zoltar?).


The curators of the Webb Gallery, Bruce and Julie Webb, are a husband-and-wife team who have scoured the country over the past few decades in search of oddball art and “just plain kickass stuff.” Some of their speciality collections include carnival banners:


Fraternal order objects and architecture:


Folk art:


And general oddities:


The galley also hosts special exhibits. I happened to show up on the last day of the Drifting Door to Door exhibit, which showcased some pretty amazing vintage tattoo flash and the works of artist Max Kuhn.


I browsed the collections for a good hour, soaking up the weirdo vibe and visual stimulation. If you’re in search of a quick day-trip in the DFW area, I highly recommend checking out the Webb Gallery. The owners are super knowledgeable, interesting, and have great stories.
And they have two Boston Terriers who greet you at the door.


Or they stay asleep on the couch. Either way, dogs and weird stuff. It was a great visit.

Have any recommendations for future Space Oddities in the DFW area? Let me know!

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There were all sorts of cool toys back in the 80's and we had more than our fair share.
From the Captain Power action figures that interacted (not very well) with the actual show, to weird ass stoner-looking Pillow People.
None, however, held a candle to Mattel's monsterish puppets; BOGLINS.
Created by toy-maker and fabricator Tim Clarke, these guys where a must have!

Made of some kind of lint-magnetic rubber, BOGLINS came in a crazy variety of color, design and size. Some had moving eyes, some could glow and some had special paint-jobs for Halloween (they looked the coolest). 


Each BOGLIN came in a cardboard box designed to look like a crate with a hole in the bottom so you could try it before you annoy your parents enough to buy it.
The back of the box had a story about the BOGLINS origins and a scientific description of each one. The care and production in the BOGLINS and the packaging was and is still unlike anything ever produced.


In 2000 Mattel tried to get the BOGLIN ball rolling once again with the release of two large and several small puppets. Unfortunately, due to their poor quality, they did not sell and Mattel put the BOGLIN to rest once more.


On a personal note, mine was a small purple guy (incorrectly) called Squidge. Always in my coat pocket, he'd pop out to tell a joke, say something mean I wouldn't have said or sarcastically interrupt somebody trying to talk to me. To school, in church, on vacation, Squidge was always shoved in my pocket causing me to appear as I had some kind of abnormal growth. He was a constant companion, a voice I longed to have... I suppose at some point, as I grew up and more confident, I didn't need Squidge to act as a comedic intermediary anymore and he now resides in some dusty box in my parent's attic.
No matter where he physically is, there will always be a little of that purple guy bouncing around in my head, treating people like an asshole, making well timed irreverent jokes and being wildly inappropriate always at the wrong time. 
He was not my first puppet, he was not my last puppet but he will always be my favorite puppet.
Squidge is, and always will be, in my coat pocket.

To see the amazing stuff the father of BOGLINS, Tim Clarke, has worked on and  is up to now CLICK HERE!


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Westworld: Season 2 Spoilers!!!!!

Spoilers! Spoilers! Spoilers!

westworld title lg.jpg

Season 2 of Westworld premiered tonight and all signs point to a well built, multifaceted story of a ride we are going to be journeying this summer.

Right off the bat, we get some answers to questions everyone had. We learn they are on an island, location unknown, and there are multiple parks that share borders.

d & l.jpg

Continuing from where we left off last season, Dolores is still on her killing spree with Teddy by her side along with the other hosts. The guests are scurrying for survival.

While Maeve made it to the top level and could have escaped, she was compelled to stay and find her daughter.

We get to follow Tessa, Bernard and a group of guests as they try and make their way to safety. Let just say it doesn’t end well for the guests.


Tessa and Bernard do make it to refuge and ill just leave it at that. I don’t want to give away everything from the first episode. It is a critical scene and seems to give a direction for this season.

We close out with a scene that had Bernard shaken to his core. All I’ll say is it leaves lots of questions and I cant wait to see how we get there.

If you were on the fence after season one, make sure and give season 2 a chance. It looks like its going to be a complex, twisted tale that I will be looking forward to each Sunday.

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Super Troopers 2 REVIEW


The problem with comedy sequels is far too often the second movie relies on material from the first movie too heavily. Take The Hangover 2 for instance; it is improbable that the exact same group of people would have the exact same experience twice but in different locations. The third movie was a departure from formula and was far superior to the second. Then you have a Bill and Ted situation wherein the second movie is vastly different from the first and it fails at the box office. An example of a well executed comedy sequel is 22 Jump Street; a sequel that is so aware of itself, it has many funnier moments than the first but makes the first necessary in order to enjoy the second.
Super Troopers 2 pulls off a bit of all three but never to the point in repeating itself to where it comes off as annoying or a waste of time and never dependent on the success of the first film. The story is another investigation into drugs (fitting as they are law enforcement) but this time set in Canada making it a fish out of water scenario. No character is underutilized and even the throwbacks to the first film feel natural and fluid to the story. 


Something that makes this sequel special is that the entire core cast, outside of the Broken Lizard crew, returned. Brian Cox is used well throughout and is let loose with his comedic talent, a side we don't always get to see from the often serious actor. Even in the first Super Troopers he never went as far into the deep end of the comedy pool as he does here. Marisa Coughlan returns for a couple of short scenes as Ursula from the first movie showing that her relationship with Foster is still in full swing. As to not spoil anything I will keep my lips closed for any further mentions of cameos. 
Super Troopers 2 is not only a good sequel but a good movie. It's sequel status is improved more over by the fact that the second doesn't necessitate the first. Sure there are a few jokes and references but never to the point of the "most annoying noise in the world" from Dumb and Dumber. It's a fun time and a very enjoyable comedy. 
You won't be disappointed that you saw it. Maybe even make it a double-feature with the first. I don't care. What am I your dad?

To hear what we thought about Super Troopers 2 right after we saw it, click the picture below to listen to our SPOILERY episode of Parking Lot Review!

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“I don’t remember graduating, and my first sexual experience... I don't remember that either. But MAAAAAAAAAN, I will never ever forget the first time I smoked that sweet, sweet chiba!”
-Thurgood Jenkins

Today marks the international day to get baked and celebrate, but just in case you find yourself without anything to keep you entertained while your brain slowly seeps out of your ears I'm here to provide you with a list of five movies that are 4/20 friendly.

#1 Super Trooper 2.


With the release date being 4/20 it’s sure to play to all of your stoner needs.  Plus with a massive first weekend you're making sure the Broken Lizard guys gets to keep making movies and maybe just maybe you guys can finally get your pot-fest movie!

#2 Half Baked


A fine stoner masterpiece written by Neal Brennan and Dave Chappelle (who also stars in the movie). It’s about a classic tale old as time.  A group of stoners who live in New York are faced with raising the bail money for their friend/roommate who accidentally kills a diabetic police horse while on a munchie run.  A modern day classic!

#3 Super Troopers


There’s a reason I placed Super Troopers 2 at the top of the list, and it’s because of how many times I’ve seen the original.  This film is about a group of misplaced and ill prepared highway patrol officers with the mental capacity of a group of teenage boys. With their bag full of shenanigans and rivalry with the local police force this film delivers with the laughs.

#4 Pineapple Express


Another stoner masterpiece that I’ve seen more times than I can count.  It’s about a stoner and his best friend drug dealer who get tied up in a violent turf war.  Not knowing where to go or what to do they end up smoking a bunch while trying to get away from it all and that only draws them closer to the action.

#5 Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.


Two stoners/drug dealers are going about their daily activities when they discover a major motion picture is being made about two fictional characters based off their image. Realizing that they haven’t be compensated for the rights and, more importantly, that they would be made fun of on the internet and might ruin their chances of getting laid, they decide to stop the movie from being made. It’s not the best Kevin Smith film, but it’s the best for this day.

With 4/20 among us feel free to sit back, melt into the couch and enjoy one of the these films to help you through your fantastic trip to the skies and back.  
Happy smoking. Enjoy responsibly.

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The Office: Season One Revisited


I've watched The Office all the way through at least five times and when I say "all the way through" I mean season two until Michael leaves. 
There are obvious reasons I skip episodes after Michael leaves, "Schrute Farms" being one of them, but why the first season? Though The Office is one of my favorite series, it fall into the same pitfalls most shows do with their freshman seasons. But was I mistaken? So I watched the first season again.


The first season has so many unlikable characters it is hard to imagine that these exact same people will be lovable later on. Michael Scott is nothing less than obnoxious and never to the point that it is funny. Though there is something going on with Jim and Pam, Roy has yet to become vilified so Jim comes off as sort of a dirt bag. Kelley is nowhere near to the person she is later in the series. Phyllis and Stanley get no face-time and the first few episodes are riddled with random people you may never see again.
I specifically remember watching "Diversity Day" and questioned continuing the series. An episode that comes off more as a rough draft than the second episode of a new show. Blatantly racist, awkward and mostly annoying.


Things start to change with "Basketball" and "Hot Girl" when it seems that characters start to get fleshed out and irritating characteristics starts to taper off and become lovable traits. Out of a six episode season it was the final two that saved the series, for me at least. 
I will always love The Office and every person on the show. I'm glad I returned after the speed bumps early on and, despite how terrible the backdoor pilot for Schrute Farms was, I  love the show in it entirety. Season one, episode five through when Michael leaves. It's entierty. 

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I Ate Those Gyro Loaded Curly Fries at Arby's

A great man once said, “Feels Like an Arby’s night.”


Recently I was struck by the same craving (albeit, midday) and swung by the home of the big ol’ cowboy hat for lunch.
As I walked up, their signage let me know they were offering a limited time Gyro-centric menu and I was intrigued. 


I should specify that Arby’s has offered a Gyro before but the first incarnation was a big disappointment. That previous attempt was just their regular roast beef with seasoning sprinkled on it and stuck into a pita along with the other typical Gyro ingredients. Not surprisingly, half-assing the most unique and important part of a Gyro didn’t bear good results, but the photos on these new signs seemed to show a more traditional Gyro meat which was enough for me to roll the dice. 
I’m glad I did.

03-PromoShot (1).jpg

It was a hankering for my usual order of the classic roast beef sandwich slathered in Arby’s sauce that had brought me in, so opting for the Gyro Loaded Curly Fries as a side instead of the Gyro itself, meant I could have my meat and eat more meat too. And so I did.


Arby’s seasoned curly fries are the unsung hero of the menu 'as is', so the Gyro Loaded version start with a great foundation. What this dish built on top it's fry foundation accented it well- Arby’s Gyro meat 2.0 was fantastic; an authentic lamb /beef combination, tender and seasoned perfectly. It would probably taste good on an old shoe, let alone curly fries. Accompanied by the Gyro standards of tzaziki sauce, diced tomato, and red onion for a kick, it was quite tasty and at the price of $3.99, not much more expensive than a normal large fries.
As good as the loaded Fries were, they did skimp mine on the tzaziki sauce and the oversize pieces of red onion were unproportional to the other toppings before I cut them up, issues fairly acceptable given the fast food origin. It's also worth noting that I ate my fries in the restaurant, but the sealed plastic bowl they came in trapped a lot of condensation so I'm unsure how well they would hold up in a to-go situation.  

Overall, these Loaded Curly Fries were great and the improved Gyro meat is what really stole the show. Next time I might opt for the pita wrap and side of regular fries to maximize the amount of delicious meat, but if you need your Arby’s classic option and want to try the Gyro as well, the Gyro Loaded Curly Fries are a good route to go.

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FAN EXPO: The Dude and Deapool

We had such a great time at Fan Expo Dallas and talked to so many awesome people we keep stumbling upon more and more footage to share with y'all!  

Deadpool stayed in character the whole time so getting his real name was impossible... Unless that really was Wade?  The Dude was perfectly executed by Cosplayer Doug Lindstrom who also goes out as Obi Wan and Hugo Strange. Both were a blast to chat with!

Believe it or not we still have more to come. Stay tuned!

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Collins Burger Mart: A Review


I learned a long time ago not to judge a book by its cover. The "book" I want to talk about today is Collins Burger Mart. It is an unassuming little place that shares the space with a Conoco that is easy to miss. Its small, with only 3 tables and very dated, but clean. By the constant phone orders being taken while I was there, its obvious they cater to the take out crowd.

Lets dig in and see what we find.


I ordered the #1 combo which is a cheeseburger, fries and a can of your drink of choice. I opted to add bacon because, well, bacon. All total, it set me back $8 and change. The box is full with fries and a nicely wrapped burger. Things are looking good so far!


In my excitement, I neglected to take a pic with the top bun on.

The burger has nice color and caramelization from the well seasoned flat-top grill, 3 strips of bacon, good old American cheese and mustard. There is a standard compliment of lettuce, tomato, pickles and onion hiding under the massive patty. They don't specify the weight, but my guess its a 1/3 pound, bun sized patty. As any good burger should be, no bite will be meat free. 


Oh my! Guys, this is a great burger! It not fancy or pretentious and doesn't claim to be anything its not. Its just a damn good cheese burger! Perfectly cooked patty that's juicy, but wont drip down your arm and cause a soggy bun. The veggies are nice and fresh and give plenty of good crunch. Honestly, the bacon leave something to be desired. I kinda forgot it was there, but it wasn't bad. Truth be told, and purists, please forgive me, but it tastes like Whataburger! For those living outside the south, that's about the highest complement a burger can get.

If somehow, burgers aren't your thing, they do have plenty of other offerings on the menu. I would like to try more, but that burger... its just so good!


I had heard whispers of good things about this place, but in all honesty, I didn't expect much. I was just plain wrong, and I glad I was. If you know of a little dive or hole-in-the-wall with food to write home about, please let us know in the comments. We are always looking for that diamond in the rough.

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