Name That Theme Song - Winter Geek Games 2018

Welcome everyone to NAME THAT THEME SONG!!!!


Host, Doug Bashore welcomes contenders Josh Mazur, Andy Carl Valentin, Chris Durbin, Josh Brimhall and Matthew Reuber.

Our competitors' mental recall will be tested with 10 TV Theme Songs including three from the 80’s, three from the 90’s, three from the 00’s and one selection of Doug's own. Let’s see who has what it takes to bring home the gold.

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GOLD          ANDY

SILVER          MATT



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Marketing Department Movies: The Ancestors of Uncle Drew

uncle drew.jpg


Last week Lionsgate released the first trailer for Uncle Drew, a basketball movie about an elderly man schooling younger dudes in Rucker Park. NBA Superstar Kyrie Irving is set to reprise his role as the titular character, Uncle Drew. The character was first seen in a series of videos produced by Pepsi in 2012. Since then several other characters have been introduced including other NBA stars Shaquille O’Neal, Chris Webber, and Nate Robinson, all of which are seen in the trailer too. Comedians Tiffany Haddish and Nick Kroll are cast as well, which gives us a faint glimmer of hope that this won’t be a complete train wreck of a film. Let’s be honest though, you should probably get your conductor’s cap ready. It’s not often that Hollywood decides make a film or TV show based on a character created by your favorite gas station snack’s marketing department. So in order to honor this momentous occasion we look back at a few times this has happened before.



Earnest P. Worrell (played by national treasure, the late Jim Varney) might be the most successful example and maybe the most confusing. The Earnest character was created by an ad agency based in Nashville, Tennessee in 1980. The character was basically used as a pitch man for several different brands including Coke, Chex mix, and Taco John’s. His first use in a commercial was in an ad promoting an appearance by the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders at Beech Bend Park. He was known for saying “KnowwhutIMean, Vern?” Vern being the target consumer on the other side of the TV screen. From 1986 to 1998 Earnest starred in 10 films. 4 of those films had theatrical releases by Disney’s Touchstone Pictures and grossed over $90 million in ticket sales. After Earnest Scared Stupid did not perform well in the box office they dropped the character and the rest of the Earnest films were independently produced. There were rumors of 6 more Earnest movies in various stages of production in the years before Jim Varney’s death but alas, none were filmed. The last we saw of this character in film was 1998’s Earnest in the Army but the character lives on forever through my father’s inability to say “Know what I mean?” without calling me Vern. Every. Time. 

California Raisins


The 1980’s and early 90’s were a hotbed for anthropomorphized objects and claymation. What better way to take advantage of both these things than to have some dancing raisins singing Marvin Gaye songs at you and force feeding you faux-healthy cereal. Originally created in 1986 to help promote the California Raisin Advisory Board (CALRAB, who knew they needed promotion?) The California Raisins took the United States by storm. The Raisins released 4 studio albums, promoted Post Raisin Bran Cereal, had primetime specials, a Saturday morning cartoon, video games, and a tons of really really really stupid merchandising. They were everywhere. Eventually, their popularity and production started to wain when the CALRAB realized production costs were higher than their income and could not afford to keep using them. They still won an Emmy for A Claymation Christmas Celebration though and no one can ever take that from their pruney, clay hands. 

Yes, this is a real record.

Yes, this is a real record.



The Cavemen are a more recent and less successful example, they were originally spokes-Neanderthals for Geico Insurance. The Cavemen shared duties with the Geico Gecko and several other characters as the face of the company. In 2007, someone at ABC thought making TV was so easy a caveman could do it and they greenlit a television series based on the Cavemen. The show only lasted a few weeks before it was pulled from the air and the characters stopped being used for commercials as well. In a strange coincidence with Uncle Drew, comedian Nick Kroll was also involved in the Cavemen TV Show. Nick, if you need help finding better representation I’m sure we could help…

Honorable Mention: The Simpsons


Although the Simpsons were not created in the marketing department they were used as pitchmen before their long-running FOX TV show hit the air. Originally airing as an animated short on The Tracey Ullman Show in 1987 they were quickly scooped up by Nestle to represent the Butterfinger brand which proved to be a long lasting and successful relationship. The Simpsons have gone on to be one of the most successful cartoon and merchandising franchises of all time but since they started as a short before they were used in commercials we couldn’t add them to our list officially, D’oh!


I guess the moral to the story is that If it works, it works & if it doesn't, it REALLY doesn't. Of course there's one big difference between Uncle Drew and these other examples and that difference is Kyrie Irving. None of these examples started with a base of sports-celebrity before creating the character. The closest example I can think of is former New York Knick/Charlotte Hornet Larry Johnson's Grandmama character from the 90's. The Grandmama character was used to promote Converse shoes on a series of popular commercials much like Uncle Drew and Pepsi. Grandmama even made a few appearances on television outside the commercials. Most notable was a guest appearance on Family Matters as Steve Urkel's teammate in a basketball tournament. Grandmama never had a movie but I think a good lawyer could make the case that this was the basis for Tyler Perry's entire film career. I for one am always a sucker for a good basketball movie so I hope nothing but the best for Uncle Drew. What do you think? Of course we missed a few examples so be sure to remind us how stupid we are for forgetting them in the comments. 

Of course there are more examples but we Just couldn’t think of 'em. KnowwhutIMean, Vern? 

Of course there are more examples but we Just couldn’t think of 'em. KnowwhutIMean, Vern? 

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Trailer Trash - Winter Geek Games 2018


Our geekthletes compete in a trial of the ears this go around with a 10 part round of Trailer Trash. If you listened to the Full Queue podcast then you are no stranger to the game, all others should prepare themselves for twelve minutes and forty seconds of greatness!
Part speed, part memory recall, all competitive. 

Geek Game Dice.png

GOLD          CHRIS



Congratulations to all those who competed and also Doug. You all did great! 

Posted on February 20, 2018 .

Gotham by Gaslight REVIEW


Remember that time Batman hunted Jack the Ripper? If not then 1) you haven’t read Gotham by Gaslight, and 2) you, my friend, are missing out! The good news for those Batman fans among you who don’t go “full nerd” by reading the comics is that DC just released an animated version on Blu-ray and rental or purchase streaming platforms.

For my fellow “Full Nerds” who may have read the comic previously, a fresh story still awaits you. As the movie wastes no time establishing, this was not merely an adaptation of the original story but a new tale set in the same Victorian era. Usually I’d be the first to balk at straying so far from the source material, but the only thing wrong with the original comic was that there was not enough of it- this animated movie takes the time to flesh out what a Batman universe of the late 1800’s might be. That means a handful of appearances from the Dark Knight’s rogues gallery, none of whom appeared in the comic (aside from a brief mention of a repeat killer shown on a wanted poster to look an awful lot like The Joker). The addition of these familiar faces in the animated telling add a “Whodunnit” element to the plot where the source material did not leave much mystery.


Gotham by Gaslight the comicbook hit shelves in 1989 and was the first time DC officially used the branding “Elseworlds” - a distinction invented for reimaginings of familiar heroes’ origins for "one off” purposes. The comic was written by Brian Augustyn and illustrated by the talented Mike Mignola; if the latter name sounds familiar it’s because he'd later go on to create Hellboy and the rich universe that surrounded him. Mignola’s art style was perfect for the project, accomplishing a huge amount with his almost minimalist approach; heavy handed on the shadows in which The Ripper would hide and the Dark Knight has always thrived.


Almost 30 years later, Warner Bros made the perfect choice to parallel Mignola’s style on the animation side of things by using the equally concise character design of Bruce Timm, legendary artist behind Batman: The Animated Series, The New Batman Adventures, and countless others. He serves as Executive Producer on the movie and his team took the same approach as in his earlier Batman work- a color palette working largely in blacks, perfectly echoing the darkness of the subject matter.

It’s worth pointing out that while it shares Timm’s streamlined designs of “The New Batman Adventures”, Gotham by Gaslight is a dark departure not intended for kids. The movie is rated R for language and violence, a necessary tone for a story where the antagonist is one of the most famous serial killers of all time.


It would be impossible to further compare the book and film without spoiling one or both, but when the credits rolled, the new path this movie paved for it’s familiar title did not overshadow the enjoyability. Gotham By Gaslight is a steampunk-tinged murder mystery definitely worth checking out and one of DC’s better ‘straight to DVD’ features of recent years; a worthy addition to any Bruce Timm animation collection.


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The Quarter Lounge


Have you ever stepped into a place and instantly been taking back to a certain time in your childhood? Well if you were an 80’s or 90’s kid I have just the place for you. The Quarter Lounge Arcade. For a small fee of $5.50 for all day access (or just $3 for access to the arcade only) you too can have this experience. (Arcade games will only run you a quarter and pinball fifty cents a game.)


There honestly isn't a bad thing I can say this place. They have most of the classic arcade games you love, plus access to a library of retro systems and games. If you do by chance stumble across a game they don’t have feel free to bring up your own copy to play or check out the store next door which sales used copies of retro games and systems as well. I’ve spent hours here upon each visit so be sure to clear out your day if you do stop in, because they have something you can waste countless hours on.


Every Saturday The Quarter Lounge Arcade also holds a tournament on one of the cabinets they have or one of the classic retro games for only a $10 entry fee (which also gives you access to the arcade and retro systems), with a payout of free entry to the arcade for five visits or depending on how many people enter, a prize from the countless video game themed items (lamps, shadow boxes, retron retro systems, ect.)


With a friendly staff that is always willing to help you out in anyway they can and a art consignment program for local artist you can’t go wrong with a stop by.  Worse case scenario you stop by to pick up a new piece of art for your game room and have a friendly chat about video games. Tell em J-Money sent ya. You won't get a discount or anything, my money is on that they'll look at you confused and say ok, but hey it wouldn’t hurt ya.

Quarter Lounge Arcade

1424 Brown Trail

Bedford, TX 76022

(469) 992-2389  


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Black Panther Review


The formula for Marvel movies relies heavy on action, jokes and then story. There's nothing wrong with that and it's the formula we've all come to love and enjoy. Black Panther takes that formula, repositions the weight of each and gives you an incredible story with plenty of action and toned down comic relief. That is what makes this film so special in the MCU, it's a real drama that doesn't make you yearn for the next action scene. It lives up to the excited anticipation of it's release which earned it the highest grossing pre-sale tickets of any non-Star Wars movie.

Beyond being a super hero origin story, Black Panther is a story of forgiveness and a moving one at that. Since I'm not too big on giving away plot and story points on opening night, I'll leave it at that and get right to the construction of the film. 

Usually a movie with an ensemble cast will falter with some character development slipping through the cracks but not here. Despite having a huge roster of new characters for us (comic film fans, not comic fans who also enjoy film) everybody is almost completely fleshed out and it never leaves you grasping at clues to remind us of the relationship between each player. The development of each person and relationship is never shoehorned in either, it all develops rather organically. That is thanks largely in part to writer/director Ryan Coogler who is best known for saving the Rocky franchise with his film, Creed. The other thanks would have to go to the amazing cast.


Chadwick Boseman delivers an amazing performance, as per usual, owning the character of Black Panther 100% but even more so when the claws are put away as King T'Challa. He proves that it's no wonder that he stole the show in Captain America: Airport Fight and pretty much anything else he is in. And not to be overlooked, he who is quickly becoming one of this era's greatest actors who absolutley immerses himself into the character he's playing, Michael B. Jordan performs Killmonger with the passion of Creed and the unforgiving evil of... I can't thing of a time where he was hateable... Human Torch (based solely on how terrible Fant4stic was). The rest of the cast was top notch and to mention them all would take up this entire review, one thing I will point out is that Martin Freeman's accent never slips to British but does go Fargo-ish a few time. Listen and tell me if you here it.

I have little to no complaints about Black Panther and that's not the high of just getting out of the movie talking. It is amazing and if it does not get a nomination outside of special effects, it will be a damn shame. Comicbook movies have a hard time getting nominated but this is among the ones that truly deserve the honor.  

Go see Black Panther. You will not be disappointed.  


(There is a mid-credit scene and one post credit scene. The latter is... Okay. It's a second tier MCU character, just a heads up.) 

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Ski Jump - Winter Geek Games 2018


The first event in the Winter Geek Games is the Ski Jump off PS2's Torino 2006. 
Each Geek picks a country to compete for and the others take turns providing the color commentary with the wonderful political correctness of you great-grandparents.
Watch here to see who will go home a winner and also what Andy did. 

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Sweep the leg Johnny!


YouTube Red has had some real stinkers as far as original content goes but this one looks to be a hit... We hope. 

There are theories out there that Danny Larusso is the real villain of the film series and it would be interesting if that idea was explored in this series. The trailer doesn't really show whether or not this is a comedy but at this point, I'll take anything over lil' Will Smith and Jackie Chan. 

To hold you over until the premiere of Cobra Kai, eenjoythe hit song Sweep The Leg by No More Kings.



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The Incredibles 2 Olympic Teaser

Just like The Karate Kid 2, it seems that The Incredibles 2 picks up right where the first one left off. That's great new, sequel-wise, so you don't have to spend the first act catching up on what transpired since the previous film.  


There's a lot to look forward to with Mr. Incredible/Bob Parr taking on the title of Mr. Mom and a lot of action from Jack Jack. Personally, I cannot wait for June 15th!

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Ready Player One Poster Reveal


Warner Bros dropped another poster today for the upcoming release of Ready Player One. Just like the movie itself, it is full of 80’s nostalgia. It is clearly a Drew Struzan inspired poster, which is fitting since many of Steven Spielbergs previous films also received the Struzan treatment. If you would like to see more of Struzans work, check out the article we previously did on him.


Ready Player One, with a release date of 3/29, is set in a dystopian future where things have gotten so bad, society chooses to live in a virtual world called OASIS. After the death of the creator of OASIS, played by Mark Rylance, it is revealed that a series of Easter Eggs have been hidden throughout the Virtual World and whoever find them will be the sole owner of his company and OASIS itself.

When a seemingly nobody by the name of Wade Watts (Tye Sheridan) stumbles on the first Easter Egg, an all out frenzy ensues to find the remaining clues and thus becoming the owner of OASIS.


RPO, based on a novel of the same name by Ernie Cline, by all appearances, is a nostalgia overload. If you grew up in the 70’s or 80’s, this film is sure to bring the Saturday morning memories flooding back.

Posted on February 13, 2018 .

Presidential Portraits

Click The Portrait To See It In All It's Glory.

Today the official presidential portrait of President Barack Obama by painter Kehinde Wiley was unveiled and regardless of how you may feel about the man, the painting is absolutely stunning and unique. 
To honor such an occasion as this, I've rounded up some of my favorite presidential portraits both official and not. They are a glimpse past the politics and into the man who sat in the chair and a wonderful display of the American artist. (In no particular order.)

Aaron Shikler - JFK

Aaron Shikler - JFK

George Peter Alexander Healy -John Tyler

George Peter Alexander Healy -John Tyler

Gilbert Stuart - George Washington

Gilbert Stuart - George Washington

John Christen Johansen - Woodrow Wilson

John Christen Johansen - Woodrow Wilson

Peter Hurd - LBJ

Peter Hurd - LBJ

Robert A. Anderson - George W. Bush

Robert A. Anderson - George W. Bush

Norman Rockwell - Richard Nixon

Norman Rockwell - Richard Nixon

Nelson Shanks - Bill Clinton *Controversial Portrait* 

Nelson Shanks - Bill Clinton *Controversial Portrait* 

Roland Emmerich - Thomas J. Whitmore 

Roland Emmerich - Thomas J. Whitmore 

Sure there are plenty of others and I know that you can see that, though I did not put them in any particular order, I did save the best for last. Now that I've mentioned it, if anyone knows who exactly did the painting of the late great Thomas J. Whitmore, please let me know so I can update this post accordingly! Also if I just ruined ID4: Resurgence for you; you're welcome.

This is the most political this blog will ever get and even then, it's just to admire art. Love each other, won't you.


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Announcing The Winter Geek Games 2018


We are pleased to announce the opening of the Winter Geek Games 2018 to be held at a house in Texas over the span of two-ish weeks! What better way to compete with the boring old regular Olympics than an exciting Reservoir Geeks themed gaming extravaganza?
Games include, but are not limited to, McSpeed Doubles, Name That Theme, A Simulated Motorized Italian Plumber Sponsored* Race and more!

Geek Game Dice.png

The staff of Reservoir Geeks will compete to see who will hold the gold d20 and who will botch their chance at glory and go home empty handed.
Coverage will be found here through audio, video and articles covering the events! 
Best of luck to the competitors! 


*This game is in no way sponsored by any Italians, plumbers or game company.


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Stop What You're Doing And...Black Panther: The Album

Credit: and Matt Kennedy/MarvelStudios 2018

Credit: and Matt Kennedy/MarvelStudios 2018

Black Panther: The Album is a damn good album. Period. Not just a great soundtrack. Not just a few cool songs played over the end credits of a superhero movie, but an award worthy, from front to back masterpiece.

Kendrick Lamar curated/produced and contributed to all 14 tracks on the album. Lamar was asked to contribute a few songs for the soundtrack and promptly returned to burn the house down with the help of his friends and Top Dawg Entertainment labelmates.

If Black Panther is half as good as the soundtrack then it's safe to say the bar has been raised for superhero movies and movie soundtracks in general.

Head to Spotify to hear the album and watch the video for "All The Stars" by Kendrick Lamar and SZA below.

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Artist Spotlight #2; Aisha Badru

Aisha 1.jpg

Aisha Badru is a singer/songwriter with wispy, yet soulful voice that is a welcome change in sea of the ordinary.

 “Aisha Badru’s vocals are slight but soulful, airy but powerful…she uses this distinctive alternative/indie sound to soul-stirring effect that is difficult to describe but impossible not to feel.”Afropunk

aisha 2.jpg

I had the pleasure of being indoctrinated to her music as the opener for Radical Face. While performing, she told of her tale and how music was her escape and ultimately saved her from a life of insecurity.

Aisha, a Yonkers native, took the traditional route after high school and attended a local college in the Bronx. While there, she increasingly felt more depressed and detached and used music as a form of therapy. After her junior year, she decided to follow her passion and try and make a career out of it.

Her big break came by way of her song “Waiting Around” off her self released EP Vacancy, being used in a National Ad campaign for VW.

This lead to her being noticed and subsequently signed by Nettwerk Music Group and recently releasing her new single “Mind On Fire”.

“I’m happy to share my first single “Mind On Fire.” This song is a step back from my usual reflections on love. Its about the revolutionary spirit that dwells inside all of us that often gets smothered underneath mundane obligations imposed by society that keep our heads down and our attention focused on the small details of our lives which in turn hold us back from correcting the flaws that exist in the current state of the world and prevents us from truly being free.” –Aisha Badru


Her first, full length album set to be released in early 2018ish.

She has an upcoming performance on Sunday March, 11th at the Deep Ellum Art Company.

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Deadpool 2 Trailer NOW WITH MORE CABLE!

Obviously, we're gonna love a Deadpool trailer and this one gives us plenty to gush over. A nice swipe at Mustache-gate and a pretty hilarious Toy Story parody to name a couple. Also, in addition to highlights from characters we love from the first outing we get to see Domino and Cable in action and it's spectacular. If the final film is anywhere as cool as this trailer we are in for some awesomeness come May 18th.


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From the Boom to Bluetooth; 20 Years of Mobile Electronics

dd audio.jpg

Adult Doug: So, you are turning 16. Once you get a car, what is the first thing you want to do?

15 year old Doug: I want a huge stereo system!

When I was in high school, a loud stereo and a trunk full of subwoofers were envy of kids across the social spectrum. It was the cool thing to do. What had been a thing only seen in music videos had started to spill into high schools everywhere. I don’t know when it bit me, but I caught the bug, hard. In fact, I had an Alpine CD player on layaway even before I had a car.


While working my minimum wage job, I slowly built my system. Paycheck by paycheck, I chipped away at it. I always had something new on layaway. I can say, without reservation, I had the loudest, best sounding 1986 Ford Taurus around!

Here is a gem of a video from the IASCA Finals in 1994. Erik and I both happened to be at this same event as wide eyes teens, Be warned, this video contains many mullets.


Well, as I was putting my idea of a perfect stereo system together, my best friend down the street was by my side doing the exact same thing. He was hooked just as I was. His story is a quite different from mine though. What had been fun hobby for me, turned into a full-fledged obsession for him. So much so that he made a career out of it. While I may have different priorities now, I still love the technology and have seen the industry change dramatically in the past few decades. I decided to take an in depth look and sit down with Erik to see how he industry has evolved.


shop pic.jpg

Erik Ervin is the owner of Vaughan’s Mobile Electronics in Arlington, Tx. They specialize in everything from window tint to a full system build out. He has been in the industry for over 20 year.


Doug- Erik, tell us about how you got involved in the mobile electronics industry.

Erik- It all started with my buddy, Doug. Younger kid, eager to drive, 14 -15 years old. You were a little bit older and already had you car and was into it. I’d have to say you are the one who turned me onto it.

D- Where did you get your start and what steps or events lead you to owning a shop of your own?

E- Started out at Grand Prairie Audio. Basically a shop rat, gopher. Some sales. Eventually just worked my way up. After about a year, year and a half of doing that, I was doing alarms. That’s kinda what separates a regular radio installer from a full fledged car audio installer. Spent several years working for a bigger corporation. Then finally in 2010, I quit and went out on my own. First couple years were really rough. After the second or third year it got a little easier. It gets a little easier every year.

D- Talking on that, what is the biggest advantage of owning your own shop over working for a larger corporation?

E- Being able to tell somebody no. Being able to turn away things you couldn’t turn away at a big box store. On the flip side of things, you can take in things a big box store wont. It kinda goes both ways.

D- It seems you have the ability to get creative with some of the larger jobs. What are some of the more memorable installs you have done?

big build.jpg

E- We did a Tahoe a few years back that was 6 13s on a B pillar wall. In a 2005 Tahoe. That’s one of the loader builds I’ve done recently. We have had several, high end, exotic cars come in for the higher end laser/ radar detectors. Those are always fun. Currently, we are building a shop demo Astro van. The plans are to have 4 15 inch subs with over 20,000 watts of power using all DD Audio equipment.


D- Shifting gears, let’s talk about the industry as a whole, In today’s market, what does the typical customer look like?

E- Typical customer is anywhere from 18 to 40. They usually have a car that’s a few years older that may not have an auxiliary jack or Bluetooth. I get a lot of middle aged guys around my age that now have a good job, they have money and they never got that system in high school or college.

D- How has that changed from when you started in the business?

E- When I started, pretty much every kid had to have something.  Not so much anymore. What keeps us afloat, keeps us steady is new cars. Vehicles that don’t come with remote start, backup cameras or backup sensors. That’s the steady stream.

D- What is the current trend in the market?

E- Right now, Apple Carplay, Android Auto. That’s the big thing now. Some of the newer cars are starting to come with them as an option. But that’s something the aftermarket world has driven. So that’s defiantly a big one.

D- How the market changed in the past couple decades?

E- You went from starting with your head unit. So to speak, front to back. Start with the front of the car and end up in the back with your sobs and amps. A lot of newer vehicles, its not worth changing out the factory radio. You may already have factory navigation, factory Android Auto or CarPlay, or the AC controls my be built into the radio. So its just not worth it to change it out. So its more of a trunk forward design.

D- Lets say your average high school aged kid comes in. What is it they are looking for?

E- Usually someway to have their phone or their mobile device play their music. Whether is aux jack or Bluetooth. I’d say the Bluetooth is probably number 1.

D- What about an adult, your middle aged guy. What is their typical request?

E- If they have kids, usually a video system or something like that. If it’s for their personal vehicle, it usually to upgrade sources to Android Auto, Car Play. Maybe a backup camera.

D- Since Apple Car Play and Android Auto are pretty standard in new vehicles, how has that changed the in-vehicle entertainment experience?

E- Its driven a higher demand for those features and manufactures are starting to realize that.

D- What are some other technologies that are commonplace now that didn’t exist when you started?

E- Auxillery jacks. Being able to plug in your phone.

D- Has that made things easier, harder or just different?

E- Just different. Nobody carries a case of CDs around anymore. Everythings on your phone.

D- To sum things up, where do you see the mobile electronics industry as a whole going?

E- Its not gonna go away. There is always gonna be somebody building that custom car. That has to have the layers and greatest. There has always been something that comes along that saved it. In the early 2000s, the iPod saved it because none of these cars were able to play your iPod in them. We had to evolve to where you could do that. There is always going to be room for improvement.

As tastes and trends change, so must the industries that serve them and the mobile electronics industry is no different. Even if you are content with the stereo your vehicle came with, take a spin into your local stereo shop and see whats out there. Just be careful, you might get bit.


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Solo: A Star Wars Story Teaser Trailer

It's here! I never thought the day would come, but last night we got a small tease of the upcoming Star Wars origin story, Solo, and this morning we got even more. The official teaser dropped and so far the reviews are mixed. Take a look at the comments section on YouTube and you'll see what I mean. 

Personally, I'm excited. The trailer kicks off with the flick of a few switches and the angry guitar growl of an engine powering up: interest piqued. Over the course of the next minute or so we get our first real taste of Alden Ehrenreich as a young Han Solo. Although I'll say I'm not entirely sold on his Solo, I'm willing to give him a shot. What I think we Geeks, as HUGE fans of Community and Childish Gambino, were really excited about was the mustachioed swagger of Donald Glover as Lando Calrissian. We really only see him for a few seconds, but it seems pretty obvious that he might be stealing the show. It looks like we aren't the only ones that think so either. Those brief scenes of that vintage Star Wars tech also gave us a great little kick in the nostalgia pleasure centers of the brain. I know Last Jedi is a point of contention among Star Wars fans, but you've gotta admit their ship, tech and armor design was terrific and it looks as though that might be the case here. I'm a little wary of Emilia Clarke's presence as she doesn't have a great track record with beloved film franchises (ahem, Terminator Genisys) but it's still early days. Humor seemed to be shoehorned into Last Jedi and I think we all collectively groaned, but if there was every a time to break out the comedy writers it's now. Fingers crossed they've got Patton Oswalt ghost writing some jokes for Solo. 

This is a HUGE gamble for Disney and Lucasfilm. The chances for failure are great here. You're taking one of the most beloved and iconic characters from the Star Wars universe and setting him free. Will this prove to be a massive cash grab or an explosive start to a new series of spinoffs? Only time will tell. As a fan I hope they give him the backstory and film his character deserves. 

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Review: Cloverfield Paradox


So since first finding out about Cloverfield Paradox being on Netflix all on five hours ago, I've been jittery with excitement. If you read the celebration piece I did on the tenth anniversary of the original you know that the series has developed a special place in my heart. That is why I am so overjoyed to not only find out it would be available mere hours after the trailers premiere but that I am now here writing this review moments after watching it in all it's glory.

You'll excuse any over gushing as I am still on my Cloverfield high. Since this review is coming out so soon after it's release I will do you the kindness of leaving any spoilers out (less the one Netflix pulled with the snapshot from the film).
Paradox is incredible. There, I said it. It hearkens back memories of films like Paul W. S. Anderson's Event Horizon, Danny Boyle's Sunshine and to a certain extent the Barry Levinson's Sphere. It contains all the magic of extreme isolation with suspense at the hand of a mysterious outsider who's choices are as suspect as the isolation itself. Unlike those films Paradox mixes in corresponding events on Earth which parallel the fear happening on board the space/ocean vessel where our heroes are trapped.
As far as the franchise goes, this installment seems to be the one that is most closely related to the original Cloverfield. One could look at this film and believe that it's the direct cause of the events that took place in New York. Not only is this movie from the same family but also the same genus as well. Though I do like 10 Cloverfield Lane, Paradox is what I was hoping it would have been. 
The cast is comprised of stars like Miss Sloane's Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Selma's David Oyelowo, Captain America: Civil War's sad dad Daniel Brühl and, my personal favorite, IT Crowd's Chris O'Dowd. O'Dowd of course steals the show whenever he is on screen with his very understated comedic relief and Mbatha-Raw does an amazing job leading the film with so much intensity and compassion your heart aches for her. 
The film is the feature length directorial debut of Julius Onah who, I don't think I am to bold to declare, has a very bright future ahead of him. What better film than this for him to wet his feet with? A huge experiment in film distribution that, based on social media reaction, is an absolute hit and we have not the last of. A move so bold and that could have potentially backfired in the faces of Netflix and JJ Abrams. Imagine if they had pulled a stunt like this with a movie like Bright? My God...


My only criticism of this and the entire Cloverfield franchise is that it leaves you wanting a direct sequel. I promised to be spoiler free and I will uphold my end of the deal here but when the movie ends, your mouth will be agape. You will more than likely do as I did and rewind the last 30 seconds to watch it again in all it's glory only to see the end credits roll while acknowledging to yourself that you will never get an answer for what the hell you just laid eyes on. Then rewind it again. 
Do yourself a favor and watch the movie now. Even if you already have. I know I will but for now, sleep (it's past midnight and I have work in the morning).

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Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Trailer

I speak for all of us when I say we love Jurassic Park. Like, a ton. It ranks up there with the love of our family. Personally I can't think of a film in the series that I have not seen opening day. This year marks the 25th anniversary of the original and I can't think of a better celebration than a new sequel. 

You can rest assured we will be at the first screening for Fallen Kingdom and be posting a ton about it in the build up to June 22nd.

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